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The Creative Way


Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 6-9pm

July 24, 26, 31 Aug 2

$250 + gst

Some supplies are included in this course. See the supply list for other odds and ends you will need.

What is your creative voice? Navigating the world through an artistic lens is a different vibe from everyday life and once you know a few skills for painting and drawing, the inevitable “what do I paint next” rears its head from time to time.

Creativity is an elusive beast with many faces, many outlets. How do you hone your creativity and tap into that unique visual voice that no one but yourself is capable of dreaming up?

This workshop will not only illuminate the natural flows and cycles that an artistic nature will take but it will unveil personal interests and esthetics. Through lectures and projects be prepared to plum your subconscious for imagery that has personal meaning. We will explore the interesting aspects of line, value and color and how these are connected to create mood and a personal esthetic that is all your own. If you have been feeling blocked creatively or are looking for your own creative voice through 2D art, this is the workshops for you.

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