On-Going Art Classes

Unleash the creative force with in you! Embrace the fact that creating art is a skill that can be learned. Some people are definitely born with a knack for it, which means they just pick the skills up faster, but as long as you want to do this, you can learn!

All of Holly’s classes are based on individual instruction. Which means, class sizes are very small, max 8-10 people per class, everyone is at a different skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced all in one class), and everyone chooses their project and medium (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, or drawing). Holly will, one on one, work her way around the classroom catering her instruction to suit the students specific needs.

It’s like having a private class in a group environment!

 Learn at your own pace, and what area of art is appealing to you.

Supplies are not included and supply lists will be given depending on what medium you would like to learn. Everyone will need a sketchbook, pencil and eraser, and his or her “folder of ideas” for every class. The folder of ideas is essentially a folder where you can put ripped out magazine pictures, photos and calendar pictures; basically, anything that you think is beautiful. The internet is a wonderful resource of cool pictures!

Beginners don’t be scared!! We can do this!


Art class times from September to June

Tuesday 1-4 Adult

Tuesday 6-9 Adult

Wednesday 9-12 Adult

Thursday 1-4 Adult

Thursday 6-9 Adult


Classes are held at Swintons Art Supply 7160 Fisher Street SE, Calgary, AB