Holly McWilliams.

Holly has been drawn to expressing herself visually for as long as she can remember. Over the years, her work has matured into moody, captivating images of people, landscapes, dreamscapes, crows and ravens – primarily painting in oil or mixed media. Like many contemporary artists, she is fascinated by the play of light and temperature in her work and she isn’t afraid of adding texture for fun. She is inspired by Art Nouveau and French neo-classical artists such as David, Ingrés and Delacroix with their dramatic lighting and their undeniable, competence for using art as an allegory, which inspires her to always strive for a deeper meaning in her work.

Holly’s formal art training was at Alberta College of Art and Design in the mid 90’s and since 2000, she has been a professional artist and a fine art teacher with Swinton’s Art Instruction. She developed Indigo Arts in 2005 and has since set out on her goal to inspire people to realize their own passion and expression of their creative self through art. She lives in Calgary, Alberta and has work in a number of collections, both corporate and private, throughout Canada, USA and England.